Makki Madni3 key advantages

At Makki Madni , it's all about you. Your design specifications. Your creative vision. Your preferences. Your expectations. Your timeline.


Year after year, we’ve continued to invest in the latest equipment, recruit and train the best technicians, and stay current with the latest technology and trends.


Our single-minded focus on customer satisfaction has earned us the business and trust of individual artists and independent jewelry retailers as well as large corporations.

Quality & Experience

Our experience and knowledge of the casting industry makes it possible for us to maintain costs with consistent high quality and meet delivery dates.

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After the casting steps are finished the result is a precious metal jewelry tree. The jewelry tree goes to the bench jeweler who then detaches each jewelry component from the main sprue by cutting the sprue with either pliers or a saw.
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Mold is a the key component when creating multiple pieces of jewelry. Correctly made and cut mold is the first step in jewelry production manufacturing process. At Unver Casting, meticulous attention is paid to each and every stage of manufacturing. Mold-making is a particularly delicate process, and Unver has it down to a science. A
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The desired steel alloy is melted and subsequently brought to casting temperatures. After the tree has been sintered, the tree is removed from the oven by a robotic arm and poured with metal. Once the trees have been poured, they are placed on a cooling conveyor where they are cooled with nitrogen. Our metals are
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The ceramic tree is then baked (stoked) at high temperatures and reaches its final strength through the sintering process. Any wax remains are burned out during this process. Before burning the investment is allowed to completely dry, which can take 16 to 48 hours. Drying can be enhanced by applying a vacuum or minimizing the
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The ceramic mould, known as the investment, is produced by three repeating steps: coating, stuccoing, and hardening. The first step involves dipping the cluster into a slurry of fine refractory material and then letting any excess drain off, so a uniform surface is produced. The process is to place the cluster upside-down in a flask
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Wax Model, or sometimes called Cast or Pattern, is a replica of the final product generally produced using a preliminary material. Jewelry elements are best made with wax which has the flexibility to be built-up into almost any form you can imagine.